Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • Keyword research
  • Improve your search ranking
  • Boost your visibility

Seo & More in Beaufort, SC

By now you’ve probably heard the term search engine optimization, but you may not truly understand how to effectively implement it in practice. But leveraging SEO right is how you rank on top, literally. Statistically speaking, websites that rank high enough to make the first page of a search on Google or any other search engine receive almost 95% of web traffic, leaving only 5% for remaining search results pages. But as effective SEO practitioners, we can get you to the first page of search engine results. SEO can be a slow, tedious process, but we’ll work with you by choosing the most relevant phrases and words for your business and industry, making sure each keyword has quality search volumes. We also constantly monitor both traditional and social media so we are fully informed of upcoming algorithm changes. Visibility is how your company attracts leads, and ranking in search results is one of the most fundamental ways to get noticed.