Conthentic Group is a digital marketing agency that helps local businesses address the challenges they face online and in the marketplace by simplifying the process. Our foundational marketing practices allow businesses to build a stronger presence, connect with more customers, and grow a stronger brand.

Established in 2017, Conthentic is based in Beaufort, South Carolina. We’re one of the lucky ones, because we love what we do and the businesses we do it with.

Conthentic was created as a solution to the insane pace and changes that have occurred in marketing. In the last five years, the internet’s impact has changed marketing more than in the last 50 years.

As an owner of a marketing agency with more than 14 years experience in the industry, Oliver Spencer was smack in the middle of the changes that were occurring. Client attitudes were changing as fast as new technology was entering the marketplace. People wanted results and they wanted them more quickly. It was time to adapt.

As a digital agency, Conthentic is able to measure tangible results more efficiently, thus ensuring a return on clients’ investments. Today, for both businesses and consumers, the buyer journey primarily begins on the internet. By the time a salesperson is involved buyers already know what they want. A company’s internet assets—website, social, reviews, search, listings, and advertising—are its most important sales person. If a company is not utilizing best practices, it’s difficult to succeed.

Conthentic works with clients to make sure their digital sales and marketing assets are in the best possible position to succeed. We deliver marketing modernity to our clients, increasing their ROI and ultimately simplifying the process.