Conthentic is about emphatically exceeding current revenues through automation and machine learning. We’re about making money for you and us. We’re not about endless strategy sessions and fancy terms. We’re about getting shit done.

We’re purposely small. We’re honest. We’re not for everyone. We work with companies that aren’t offended by the truth. We aren’t assholes but if things are broken we’ll expose them.

We’re three people; sales, account management and a geek. We love sports so we focus on sports. Sports businesses are run by people who speak our language that we can be frank with.

You educate us about your business, give a swift point of contact and get out of the way.

We systematically report, adjust and stand by our results.

Most marketing companies talk endlessly about strategy. Once in the door they start billing, begin endless meetings and “strategic” sessions. Your relationship quickly becomes a never ending time suckage leaving you asking “When are they going to move the needle?”

Not conthentic. Strategy is handled the first week, then we implement our systematic best practice approach.

We don’t require contracts. We communicate and are readily available.

We help our clients’ achieve business objectives instead of mere vanity KPIs.

We’d love to set up an online demo to show you what we’re about.