1. Make sure the content being used for lead generation is the right type of content for its audience and presented at the right place in the customer journey. Be mindful of the different steps in the customer’s journey.

  2. Companies should include calls-to-action on blog posts to give viewers a chance to articulate and express interest in the company and its ideas. Most blogs do nothing to try to convert their blog viewers to leads.

  3. Consider the world through the customer’s eyes. We are all inundated daily by irrelevant marketing messages. Those microseconds of attention are fundamentally without value; they’re a waste. Get rid of waste, and create marketing that creates value in the lives of your audience.

  4. The business focus should be first on engagement, not generating leads. The content created should be compelling. If it is useful, prospects will be happy to share the information.

  5. Regularly revisit buyer personas to make sure that they’re still aligned with business goals. If the target buyer personas have changed, the content created won’t be as effective and lead generation will be off.

  6. Create really good, valuable content and don’t ever worry about “giving too much away.”

  7. Strive to make content and messaging aligned to each segment of your target audience. Content messaging that is too general can bring in more “leads,” but they may not be quality leads that will convert.

  8. Be thoughtful about content creation. The goal should be not to create more content, but to create more relevant content. Relevance is key.

  9. When offering a download with any type of gated lead form, be sure you ask this question: Is what I’m giving a prospective customer valuable enough to them that they will willingly provide the information I’m asking from them? If you’re not certain, look at content again. Figure out where it can be made better and eliminate elements of the required lead form information that may be turning them off.

  10. Make sure there is a system in place that can track leads.