This week’s #WTFWednesday covers the anxiety that business owners can feel when dipping their toe into the waters of using social media. We’ve heard all the excuses from: “I don’t have enough time/staff/ideas,” to “What if someone gives us a bad review” to “It’s waste of money,” and even “We already sell enough.”
We say throw that myth straight out the window, and start small. Baby steps.
Here’s Bill Murray with a visual example:
Any foray into reaching new customers a step in the right direction. Social media platforms are easy to use, and many offer the ability to schedule posts. In as few as 20 minutes a week, you can draft posts on new product, team successes, or ways to show off your company’s personality. You can even use a platform such as Conthentic to publish to multiple channels at one.
It’s not as easy as just having a website any more. Most people searching online are doing so in the palm of their hand – via mobile.
“By 2018, American adults are expected to spend on average 3 hours and 23 minutes on nonvoice mobile media.” (eMarketer)
“Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones.” (comScore)
“Over 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up.” (ExpressPigeon, 2014)
Improve your rankings so that you have the majority share of voice in your market. Did you know that using multiple social media platforms boosts your Google ranking? Conthentic can show you how to maximize your marketing messages and build loyalty with customers. (We can also perform a free evaluation of your business, showing you where your business isn’t listed, which can hurt your web rankings.)
Be brave…get over that fear of a bad review or customer comment and address the issues head on; your social media response can serve as a virtual customer service desk. Customers who are on the fence about purchasing from you will see it as attentive and thoughtful. Social media is all about timing; be present and responsive.
“Yes, there is and it’s called Visiobibliophobia. It includes the fear of Facebook and a wide variety of social media such as Twitter and Foursquare. Social media is fun, but it can induce stress and anxiety. Remember you have control over how to use and interact with social media.” ~ Quora
With a content strategy that defines your unique value, identifies target customers, and states your desired goals, you’ll be able to measure and analyze your results. Position yourself for growth this year.
#WTFWednesday Takeaway: Don’t let social media fears hold you back from achieving success.